Friday, July 25, 2008

Cowgirl Day!

This was the day we dressed up as cowgirls! We had the accents down and everything! Those of you that have heard my accent, knows that it is severely obnoxious! haha! It was so funny! My name was Barbara Jean that day. it was great!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

This was our oriental day! it was S'mores, Fe and Chicken Little. It was so much fun! haha! i look retarded!

Troop Camping

So this week is troop camping. we normally have girls that come and we are their counselors, but this week different troops come with their troop leaders and we just entertain, cook and teach them some different skills. i love this! it is such a nice break. all i have to look after is myself. no more yelling out "get in a buddy line, not a buddy clump!" trust me, that gets soooo old after the first day! haha! we do look out for the girls though, but we are not responsible for them. it is so nice! all i have to do is to be at my post at a certain time and teach a badge. we go on a 5 minute walk and then i have them draw a picture about nature. that takes about 30 minutes total and then i get another group and do the same thing and then im done teaching! i dont have to clean, which is amazing! cooking in the kitchen gets kind of boring after a while, its only fun when last week when i had the perfect people in there. sad day! but its bearable. but the best part of this week is campfire! it is amazing! so we have to put on skits, oh darn. i told you guys i just get paid to play! so the first thing we did was the chin people. i laughed my head off! the first half of the week i didnt do it, but yesterday i did. it was hilarious! we lip synced to kiss the girl. i had huge google eyes on my chin and bright red lipstick. it was so funny! i over did everything and would sway my head back and forth with the music. oh it was great. i did that song b/c heather powell did it that one time for our ward talent show. i knew it would be a good one. there were four of us that did the chin people. hilarious! then we did a dance that we all put together. it was to the song stand out off of the goofy movie. yeah, it was great! i wish i had some pictures to show you guys. it was awesome! you know when you have someone in front of you and they are the body and you are the arms and you do things to them like make them eat? well i was the arms to the camp director b/c she owed me. she let water dump all over me, so it was payback! haha! so anyway, i was her arms. we had a little narration about the counselors waking up and getting ready in the morning. so we woke up and washed our face. so i totally splashed all this water in her face and rubbed it down. then it was time to brush our teeth but b/c we never have time (and it is totally true, there is no time!) we just got our fingers wet and gave our teeth a quick rub down. so gross, but hilarious. then we did our hair in a pony tail and dried our faces. i put makeup on her face. red lipstick and blue eyeshadow. then we marched down to breakfast. on the menu was cereal and yogurt. these were individual packages and so whenever you open them, they just splurt out. so i purposly put it in her face and it splattered all over her. i thought forget the spoon, she is just gonna eat out of the container! haha! so i put it up to her mouth and just squeezed. it oozed all over! it went all over my hands, so i put it up to her mouth and she licked them! haha! it was so funny. like, she licked all over my hands and even sucked on my finger! that was gross! haha. then it was time for cereal. so first i just spoon fed it to her, but then she plopped her head in the bowl and started to eat it that way! so sick! it was everywhere! then it was time to was her face. by then the water had milk, cereal and yogurt all in it. so i take it and splash it in her face and then thought what the heck, i'll just make her put her face in it. so i did and right before she put her head in, she was like, oh sick! oh it was so gross!!! haha! so funny! i laughed so hard. it has been great. i have loved it. now she is trying to talk me into becoming the program director for camp next year. but i have no idea. i dont know what i want to do anymore. maybe i will figure something out! well, peace out my friends! love ya tons! maybe i will get some picutres on here soon!
chicken little

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I survived!

So i survived another week of camp! it was so much fun though! i was in the kitchen this week and i laughed my head off! it has been forever since i have laughed that hard for a straight week. we tried to make things interesting for the girls. so when we had "home cooking" we did our hair in braids and had cowboy hats and talked in southern accents. it was so funny! then we had chinese food and dressed up with our hair in a bun and our faces painted white with red lipstick. we had amazing accents to go with that too. i loved the kitchen and it was a perfect break from the kids. i do miss the girls, but this was great! but other than that, nothing else has happened. i feel kind of weird writing all of this because there are only a couple of you that read this! haha! oh well! i would like to thank all of my two fans out there! thanks so much. without your support, i would not be able to keep this going! love ya!
chicken little

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


things are great here at camp! i absoloutely love camp! i have met the coolest people! they are amazing! i definately know that this is where i am supposed to be. it does get a little stressful at times here. it seems like i have more problems with the counselors though. but there are only a couple off the wall ones thank goodness. if they were all like that i have no idea what i would do! i would go nuts! the girls are great! we sing a lot! the songs we sing here, i have never heard before, so it is great! i am now an expert dutch oven cooker. so when you get back, we will have to make a feast! i actually started a one match fire. it was amazing! coming from someone who never plays with fires, that is an accomplishment! i teach them knots like the over hand loop, slip, overhand, figure eight, bowline and so many more. of course i never remember how to tie them, so i always have to cheat! we sleep in platform tents. we have tons and tons of caterpillars here! they are crazy! for a couple of weeks they would hang on their silk strings from the trees and land on us when we would walk too close to the trees. they were so gross! but it was freaking hilarious to scare the girls with them. haha! that really is my pride and joy at night. i love to scare them. but dont worry, i only do it to those who i know can take it! we also teach them dressing for the weather, how to not leave a trace when on a trail, fires, knife safety (although i still cut myself!), nature games, and social skills! can i just say that i have never been involved in so much drama in my life! these girls are only together for a few days and they make each other cry all the time! they talk about each other behind their backs and go crazy! for a week there i was about to kill some girls! they were so rude and stopped listening to me that i almost crossed the line and yelled at them. luckily i controlled myself though. but i did make a girl cry :) haha. it was funny. she could dish it out but couldnt take the heat. lets just say i was ready for them to leave on thursday day and they wouldnt leave until saturday morning. i was so ready to get rid of them. but i generally have really good girls. they are so much fun. they really make my day! i laugh hard at something all the time. i really am glad that i am here. it is definitely an amazing learning experience. i have made friends for life.